At GuardMe we did not set out to a build lifestyle brand, but rather, a trusted brand that would help all of us to preserve our lifestyles. Like you, we've witnessed the greatest socially, psychologically, and economically devastating natural disaster in modern history- the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. And like you, after experiencing the disruptive effects of a prolonged nationwide shut-down, we just wanted life to get back to normal.

GuardMe is all about bringing to life products that can help all of us resume life as we once knew it. We recognize life can't be quite the same, but to the extent possible, our products are designed to protect our health and the health of others as we go about our lives in the presence of an invisible enemy.

Pandemics are annoyingly inconvenient and have a way of cramping our lifestyle. At GuardMe, we strive to create products that are convenient while offering protection you can trust. It's time for all of us to get back to living life, but let's be smart about it.