Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can GuardMe masks be used for medical purposes?

Our masks are recommended for use by the general public, not by medical professionals.

  • What is a “melt-blown filter”?
Melt-blown is a non-woven fabrication process that blows fast-flowing hot air onto a polymer resin to produce a random, self-bonded web of spun fibers in the sub-micron range, which makes the material ideal for filtering harmful substances.

  • Are melt-blown filters better than other types of filters?

Yes, our melt-blown filters use the same filter technology that is used in N95 masks. Melt-blown filters provide superior filtration to other types of filters such as carbon or bamboo filters. Our filters are designed to efficiently separate and filter out bacteria, allergens, dust, airborne pathogens, and other harmful particulate matter.

  • Can I wear a GuardMe mask without the filter
Yes, however we recommend wearing our masks with the filters inserted in the inner pocket to ensure maximum protection.

  • How often do the filters need to be changed?

It depends on how much your are wearing the masks. If your are wearing  your mask continuously all day long, particularly in an indoor environment, we recommend that you wash your mask daily and replace the filter daily. The filter can be changed less often if you are wearing your mask less often.

  • Can I wash the filter?

No, the filter should be removed prior to washing, and a new filter should be inserted in the clean mask.

  • What are some other advantages of GuardMe masks compared to other masks on the market?
GuardMe masks are ergonomically designed using a 3D Stereo Cut  process to ensure optimal face fit, comfort, breathability, and maximum protection. We use soft, premium, skin-friendly knitted cotton for the inner layer, melt-blown fabric for the inner layer, and cotton fabric for the outer layer. By combining optimal fit, maximum filtration protection, and superior comfort to ensure compliance (i.e., that the mask is worn as much as possible), GuardMe masks are designed to keep you as healthy as possible.

  • Are GuardMe hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes FDA approved?

Yes, both are FDA approved and both container 75% alcohol which kills 99.9% of germs that can cause illness and infection.

  • Can GuardMe alcohol wipes be used to clean my hands as well as surfaces?

Yes, our alcohol wipes can be used to disinfect your hands as well as sanitize non-porous surfaces, including glass, plastics, leather, metals, and varnished woods. Commonly touched non-porous surfaces include countertops, desktops, door knobs, steering wheels, kitchen appliances, cell phones, TV remotes, and other consumer electronics.

  • Are GuardMe hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes flammable?

Yes, both are flammable and considered dangerous goods that should be kept away from children and stored at temperatures of 104 degrees or less.

  • Are GuardMe nitrile gloves better than latex gloves?

Yes, our powder-free nitrile gloves are stronger, higher quality and more resistant to chemicals and punctures. In addition, nitrile gloves are less likely to cause an allergic reaction compared to latex gloves.